A Poem: Sleepless Night

A feeling of unease begins deep in the chest
Heavy heart pounds worry into a heavy head
Weary blood and weary eyes all plead for a rest
Yet the mind whirls ever onward, filling with dread

Million thoughts detail a myriad of worry
The night drags long, while perched upon a hostile bed
Darkness invades the brain and vision goes blurry
Yet the mind whirls ever onward, filling with dread

Dawn arrives; the body screams for a kind calmness
Yet all energy is gone, dispersed, drained and bled
The lustre of morning light makes a false promise
Because the mind still whirls onward, filling with dread

Photo by Paul Harvey from FreeImages

23 thoughts on “A Poem: Sleepless Night

  1. I’ve experienced this battle.
    Room seems to quake with unspoken rules, unspoken expectations, lay like fallen soldiers at my feet.
    Begging for reprieve, crying out for relief.
    I just want to accept some sleep a compromise must be made.
    Address these ankle biters and look onto the hope of tomorrow, letting sleep encompass me.
    Tired body lay heavy against cuddlduds with llamas and fluffy pillows.
    Dreams welcome me at last.

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