From Change Comes Change

I’ve just celebrated my 17th consecutive 29th birthday. And, I’ve decided on a birthday resolution. I will publicly share more about my writing progress. It’s a change from me not talking about my writing in any way outside of one or two people.

Here’s what I have on tap currently. A draught of drafts to continue the needless beer analogy:

I’ve completed a fifth draft of a Science Fiction titled Lustre, which is currently 114,586 words long. Here’s a brief snippet of what it’s about:

In the 23rd century there is no privacy. Most people live a hedonistic life free from worry as long as they are linked to the government networks and spend their government stipend. Life is good. Yet in all this splendour Professor Morgan of Sovereign University, a researcher in the Metaphyics Department, has lost his purpose in life. His research feels empty to him. He dabbles in a new drug called Second Sight, which causes distortions in his mind. Morgan spirals downward, antagonizing friends and coworkers, until a sudden scientific discovery sends him careening into the shadowy world of government and corporate espionage and warfare and into the sights of the mysterious Inspector Antos. Chased by agents from various organizations Morgan begins to see that the lustre of the Western Hegemony is only surface deep.

I’ve also finished first drafts of a historical pirate novel and the first book of a trilogy in a fantasy series. The Pirate novel takes place in the Caribbean in 1666 during the time of the second Anglo-Dutch war. The fantasy is just that, takes place on a fictional world and follows the growth of a young seer caught up in continental war and intrigue.

There are two other first drafts, the second of the fantasy series, and a modern day satire that are both half completed. The satire is about the FBI having to investigate a near meaningless incident and how wild perceptions make a fictional town in Montana become a media circus.

I’ve also got plans for another two science fiction novels unconnected with each other.

Set Some Goals

As you can see there’s a lot of stuff I’m thinking about, writing, and thinking about writing. I also what to write more short stories to post here. So, to spur myself to write more I’m going to outline my progress from time to time. It’s to hold me accountable in a way, which is a good thing. Hopefully, from this change comes change in my routine. Set some achievable, measurable goals.

In setting these goals I’m reminded of Commander Chris Hadfield and how in his book An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth: What Going to Space Taught Me About Ingenuity, Determination, and Being Prepared for Anything, he set himself the goal of becoming an astronaut. He grounded himself in reality by understanding that he might not ever become an astronaut, but at each stage he asked himself what was the next thing he needed to do to get closer to his goal. Then he’d do that next step, repeating this process until he achieved the illustrious career he has. That’s what I’m trying to do for writing. The book has a long title, but its a fascinating read. I recommend it.

The Book and The Query

For the science fiction titled Lustre I submitted one query so far. It was a spur of the moment move and in researching how to query agents, AFTER, I submitted I look forward to not hearing back from the agent in 4 to 6 weeks. I’ve got a lot to learn on how to query properly.

One of the things that I understood was I needed more exposure. Hence this blog website and tweeting more for personal purposes rather than just for corporate needs.

Out of the Comfort Zone

It’s a bit of a stretch for me right now, putting myself ‘out there’. But that’s ok. I know that if I keep persevering it will become more comfortable. Like the new sandals I had to purchase recently.

My old Adidas sandals are falling apart, but boy are they comfortable; perfectly moulded to my feet. They are like comfort food for my feet. I know exactly what to expect when I walk in them. I’m dreaming of them, right now. In contrast the new ones, while comfortable for the soles of my feet, will take some time to get used to. I find myself thinking of them as I walk rather than just waking. In fact, I just found a new place where they rub my feet in not a good way.

Better to make a change now under my own gumption than be forced to do it later in sudden need. I can always fall back to the old sandals, for a bit, but then I have to keep moving ahead with the new ones. Ever forward.

Any other writers or artists out there? What gets you into the writing or creative mood? Leave a comment below and thanks for reading.

Photo by St. Mattox from FreeImages

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