An Ever Expanding Self

Writing is such a powerful thing, for many different reasons. It’s cathartic, helping a person deal with stressful situations. It’s a journal, documenting what’s happening in a person’s life. It’s fun and allows a person to explore stories and different perspectives. It’s communication to reach out to others. Every discipline in the world relies on writing.

Writing has allowed rich and diverse histories to flourish so that we can learn. I hope it continues to become more diverse, weaving more perspectives of those marginalized and ignored into a greater tapestry of thought and experience. This way future generations will have a more complete view of the complexities of human history.

The Slowly Advancing Novels

As for my novel writing I have continued to work on my Science Fiction novel “Lustre.” I’m currently working on the 6th draft. A few beta readers have given me feedback of tremendous value. I am so glad for it. Their feedback has allowed me to get a better understanding of how readers view characters. I can make changes so the characters are more rich in history and complexity. I’ve drawn out some issues to further align with and against the book’s theme. Lastly I’m still clearing up some logical inconsistencies. The curse of a pantser. I hope to have the 6th draft completed in a month or so.

I also have started other science fiction novels. Two books in one, where both happen simultaneously. Each book is a perspective of a different group of characters. I have about 10,000 words done on it so far.

Writer’s Block

Sometimes I do experience writer’s block. When that happens on a certain project my answer is to start working on, or switch to, a different project. One which hasn’t stalled. It seems to help me to keep writing and continue to be productive in some fashion. The time away brings a different perspective to the roadblock. I can take them on and get back to the original focus. Does anyone else do this trick?

Twitter Bird Tweeting

I have been writing a lot on twitter lately, short poems and very short stories. I’ll share some here in an anthology or twitter omnibus of sorts so that it is easier to read, without having to scroll through non-story like tweets.

Photography Abounds

There is a huge amount of photography talent displayed here on WordPress. It’s inspired me. I do have a DSLR that’s been sitting in the closet for some time. I’m getting the urge to take some walks and shoot some pictures. Perhaps I’ll post some here, maybe with a short story to go along with them.

I Have Grown into the Unknown

Finally, I have been stepping out of my comfort zone to write poetry. If the universe can expand why can’t I expand my writing experience? Once I’m comfortable with the final products I’ll share here.

How are you stepping out of your comfort zone? What are you doing to expand yourself?

As always thanks for reading.

Photo by David Cowan from FreeImages

3 thoughts on “An Ever Expanding Self

  1. What a great experience you’ve shared. Where I’m from, it’s hard to find a community that reads and write because social media consumes almost everyone and it’s easy to fall victim to (mostly non-productive or non-enriching) entertainment.

    I’ve struggled a lot with my writing but being part of the writing community on Twitter opened me up to take risks. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone by writing exactly what I want to express without holding back and I find writing 800-1000 words a day helps me.

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    1. Good for you. Sometimes the mere act of writing primes the pump to write more. Twitter has helped me like that too. There are a few others, whom I follow, who, with their kind words, helped my confidence.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your experience. All the best.


  2. I enjoy writing and taking photos. Sometimes the two compliment each other. Started blogging on WordPress as a potential retirement hobby. Still a few years away from retiring, I think, but I think I can occupy my time and expand myself with some form of expression.

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