Poem: A Forest, Untouched

An owl ogles open space from an old oak tree
Flaps wings, flies, circles above fleetly, completely free

A woodpecker takes wing for wary wood to whittle
Its brawny beak bangs the bark until bruised and brittle

Fluttering hummingbird flips from flower to flower
With a purposeful precision it proves its power

A dear darts over downed debris, a delightful dance
Antlers arc in the autumn air as it looks askance

A fox frolics with freedom found on the forest floor
Yellow-eyed yipping, yapping without yearning for more

A mouse moves with a manic mission, makes for its mound
It greets the glowing morn by going deep in the ground

A slithering snake silently slips into sunlight
Wriggles to wrap its body with warm willing delight

The forest is alive, alight with life, alluring
For evermore we must ensure it is enduring

Photo by Neil Goodman from FreeImages

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