A Poem: From Unchecked Fear

Fear takes root in the mind and sprouts
Flourishing in an ignorant brain
Rational thought twists to form doubts
Misconstrued as existential pain

From thought to fist quick as lightning
Righteous pretense fills the heart with hate
Hot rage, foul acts, blind fighting
Momentum toward a failing state

An aftermath plagued with regret
For what was once innocent is gone
Violence creates a monstrous debt
Can’t repay a loss forever long

Photo by xpsi from FreeImages

Flash Poetry Vol. 1

A series of poetry first written on my Twitter account.

The Flower

The flower bloomed in the dirt of the battlefield

Despite the death and carnage its growth would not yield

While desolation surrounded it completely

Its fragile white petals swayed ever so sweetly


We’re spinning on a blue marble tumbling through space.

It’s not much to look at but it’s our little place.

Everyone who’s ever lived calls this planet home.

We best work together or we’ll reap what we’ve sown.


This is irony we’re seeing

A disease that harms our breathing

Forces us inside, too fearing

While the air outside is clearing

Power of Nature

Nature’s organized

To rules we’ve not discovered

Today we adapt

Photo by Djordje Komljenovic from FreeImages

A Poem: A Spring Like No Other

Unseen haze, ever present, infects every thought
A world wide worry settles deep within the mind
A weight of infinite dimensions we have wrought
Ripples amplified, it propagates out in kind

The days are longer, yet shadows appear darker
The world is made sick with panic, anger and fear
Distances are kept wide, we wear it like armour
It won’t shield us from the lies and rumours we hear

A paradox awaits as spring’s life is renewed
And we believe nature targets us with her wrath
While the days are warmer, brighter we are subdued
Sadly, we’ve learned first hand of exponential math

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A Poem: Future Broken

The world is just not what we were told it would be
Opportunities to come were often spoken
The world is open, our path ours to choose, we’re free
But reality’s cold, their words a mere token

Good ol’ fashioned hard work from us is what’s needed
Their ignorant words boom through the halls, provoking
When the many ills of our world are not heeded
Their bright promises of the future are broken

When confronted disrespect and anger their themes
All while the world they made is burning and choking
It’s busting, breaking, cracking open at the seams
They still promise the future and it’s still broken

Photo by Aaron Murphy from FreeImages

A Poem: Sleepless Night

A feeling of unease begins deep in the chest
Heavy heart pounds worry into a heavy head
Weary blood and weary eyes all plead for a rest
Yet the mind whirls ever onward, filling with dread

Million thoughts detail a myriad of worry
The night drags long, while perched upon a hostile bed
Darkness invades the brain and vision goes blurry
Yet the mind whirls ever onward, filling with dread

Dawn arrives; the body screams for a kind calmness
Yet all energy is gone, dispersed, drained and bled
The lustre of morning light makes a false promise
Because the mind still whirls onward, filling with dread

Photo by Paul Harvey from FreeImages